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#1071 HOn30 3D Monson R.R. No.4 Kit

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Monson Railroad No.4, 0-4-4T Forney locomotive built by vulcan iron works in 1918

See the URL on the label of the package box. You can easily access by scanning the QR code that also printed on the label with your cell phone camera.

- HO scale 9mm gauge, it can run on small curves over dia 100mm, and designed with "a two-point support system" so that the driving wheels follow steps on rails.
- Equipped with our new 12V coreless motor, M0.2 gear with spur gear deceleration enables realistic run from extremely low speeds (55mm/s-6V*). The drive chassis and rear truck are coated to reduce wear and already painted black.
- The parts are made of 3D printed high performance UV resin. There are almost no "3D printed steps" on flat surfaces of the cab and bunker. 
-All supports are already removed so there is no need to worry about damage to parts. It can be completed with super glue and tapping & screwing. No soldering required. 
- As with the nomal plastic models, it can be painted with surfacers and paints for plastic models. 
- Instant lettering sheet for the Monson #4 and 3 is included in the kit. 
- Micro-Trains #1015 couplers will fit to the end beams. (Not included) 
*Millimeter speed per second at 6V that was calculated from no-load motor rotation speed.