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#100 Item description: HOn30 13-Ton Shay Kits and Parts

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13-ton T-boiler, open cab, class A Shay

Instructions for assembling the kit
See the URLs on the label on the package boxes. You can easily access by scanning the QR code that printed on the label with your cell phone camera.
Please note that the SHAY KITs or PARTS SETs are not ready-to-run, so require assembling by yourself. All drawings on our website show after assembling the parts in the kits. 

Product list 
#1002 Superstructure kit (T-boiler and open cab)
#1001 T-boiler chassis kit (A to F)
- #1001A Rear drive unit
- #1001B Rear truck
- #1001C Front drive unit
- #1001D Front truck
- #1001E Engine/shaft
- #1001F Floor and endbrams (for T boiler)

- Superstructure and chassis kit is available separately. You can complete a locomotive by assembling a superstructure kit and a chassis kit. Also parts set A to F are available as spare parts. 
- Most parts, including bevel gears, consist of 3D printed high performance UV resin with relatively smooth surface. All supports are already removed.
- Workable parts, drive unit, trucks, bevel gears, engine and universal joint, are coated and painted black to reduce wear. Our prototype locomotive ran for over 80 hours with no problems. 
- To assemble, using taps, drills and super glue mainly. No soldering is required to complete. 
- Micro-Trains #1015 couplers will fit to the end beams. (Not included)